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Case Study - ATM Services

A leading ATM manufacturer trialled Luna with a small project back in 2011. This has resulted with Luna now providing the pre-staging, de-commissioning and transportation services, including “Green Button Installation” across a number of projects with annual increases in volumes year on year with 2015 being the busiest to date.

To achieve this Luna set up a dedicated team under the supervision of the Operations Director:

  1. Daily stand up meetings to go through the previous day’s activities and review the day’s objectives taking into account any issues highlighted from previous day.
  2. Ad-hoc and weekly conference calls with the various Project Managers over a number of projects.

A Five person team consisting of a “Scheduling Manager, Contracts Manager, Warehouse Manager and Technical Centre Supervisor all led by the Operations Director” worked closely with the client from the very start to fully understand their detailed requirements to cover:

Training, Planning, Storage, Scheduling, Final mile delivery and Collections.

Another four man team comprising the Customer’s H&S Manager, nominated Project Manager, Luna’s Managing Director and H&S Consultant to produce a detailed H&S driven Manual Handling Document to cover all aspects of the process from loading to final mile delivery and installation.

Training: An Extensive training programme was put in place to cover all of our delivery crews which is constantly on-going. A Training matrix was put in place covering all aspects of H&S which is updated with any changes and submitted to the customer on the same day.

Planning: Working closely with the customers various project managers to plan each and every delivery taking into account individual site surveys carried out by the Luna site survey team.

Site Surveys: Luna’s entire survey team across the UK underwent an In-House training programme organised with the customers and overseen by our Operations Director to cover the unique requirements of the various projects.

The survey requirements ranged from a simple survey to cover a delivery/ collection to a complex survey with RAM’s, photographs, and sketches of the route etc.

Scheduling: All work is scheduled to take into account:

    • Number of manpower defined by the site survey
    • Type of vehicle required due to weight of ATM’s & road restrictions
    • The individual skills of the crews to meet the various projects and site requirements.
    • Arranging the trunking to and fro from Luna HQ to Final mile delivery sites.
    • Arranging Parking dispensation, specialist equipment and Tools.

Delivery/ Collections – Luna provided PES cleared staff to support the total rollout. Each carried a work passport identifying them in line with the customer’s security protocol. All of our staff have received Asbestos Awareness training and manual handling training.

In line with the agreed schedule the crew arrived at each site and the team leader introduced themself to the site contact. The team leader then walks the route with their team and goes through the process as each site is different.

Each machine to be collected is checked for correct serial number and model, labelled and wrapped for safe transportation before placing onto a pallet.

The pallets were loaded into specialist box vehicles with load locks to safely transport the goods. The vehicles being dedicated to the sites in the schedule returned directly to the receiving depot so no cross docking occurred to ensure full

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